OctoFrost is fully dedicated to continuously listen to its customers' needs and develop technologies that bring true value to the food processors.


IQF Freezer - Natural Appearance
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Natural Appearance

Of the final IQF product, which easy to sell at premium price.

IQF Freezer - Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency

Equipment that cuts down operational costs.

IQF Freezer - High Yield
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High Yield 

That improves profitability and efficiency.

IQF Freezer - Reliable Food Safety
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Food Safety

Helps the processor exceed the international hygiene regulations.


Freezing static products on a belt, with high-speed air streams from both top and bottom.

Commonly used for thinner poducts and crust freezing.

Very low dehydration due to quick freezing.


With its compact design, the OctoFrost Impingement Freezer achieves more than double production capacity per factory m² due to the multiple belt layers.

Quick Freezing

Much quicker freezing is achieved when compared to other belt freezers due to the high volume and speed of the  cold air streams.

Product focus

The straight belts running on three levels preserve product shape and give the flexibility of running different products on each level.

iqf freezer adjustable airflow 

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"As an owner that actually personally uses these machines, the latest OctoFrost IF Cooker, is the one I like."

Sinchai Luesukprasert, Marine Gold Products

"The products look bright, fresh and free flowing."

Graham Reed, Managing Director Pinnacle Foods

"We are extremely pleased to have invested in this technology."

Mr. Fernando Prado, Responsible Division Berries Citromax SACI

"The freezer is easy to operate, even for unexperienced staff."

Jerome Fesselet, Production Manager Fruticola Olmue

"The separation of the product and appearance is excellent."

Ulf Olsson, Technical Manager Guldfageln

"Our freezing becomes very easy with OctoFrost™. We increase our capacity and our revenue. OctoFrost™ team works closely with us. We are very impressed."

Saji Rujireak, Preserve Agro Products Co.

Equipment capacities

OctoFrost offers a capacity range of 500 to 15,000 kg/h for the OctoFrost IQF Freezer.

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